I met the team after I started looking at houses and they were very instrumental in making my decision. I had met with a previous realtor and was becoming very frustrated and unsure if it was actually the time for me to go back into the housing market. After I canceled our relationship with the previous realtor and after working with the team at Reno Home Sale for just a few days, it brought back my confidence and I got back on the market. I can honestly say that without their help I would’ve stayed out of the market and missed the equity we see as the homes rise in price. Not only for resale value but the team got us into a home that was absolutely perfect for our family,  new construction, great neighbors can’t thank them enough.

    Thomas Clinton

    If it wasn’t for team Reno Home Sale, we would have never found out about the home we ultimately ended up buying. They knew the neighborhood we were interested in and they heard that a new home under contract had fallen through. They told us about it before the builder even got to re-list it. This is in addition to their easy going and calm demeanor which is a huge asset when you are trying to find and buy a home. We are very satisfied repeat customers!

    Tom Turchioe

    Buying a house can be a stressful process, but working with the Reno Home Sale team made the experience delightful! Starting from day one of our search for the perfect home, they worked closely with us by answering every question we had. We were comfortable during every stage of the buying process, all the way through the final days of signing. We are so happy to end up in our dream home and couldn’t have done it without Reno Home Sale!

    Sally Summer