12 Quick Tips to Help Sell Your Home Fast!

    Some Friendly Home Selling Advice from Reno Home Sale

    There are several things to think about when selling a home. How much is my home worth, whats your time frame, are you facing a foreclosure or are you relocating and need to sell quickly or are you just testing the waters? These are a few basic questions that you might go over with your listing agent. What are the selling points of your home? You, as an owner would clearly know the best features of your lovely home! Here are several useful tips on how to get your home sold fast, for the best possible price.

    • Do I need a listing agent?
      • You might be thinking, do I really need an agent to sell my home? Can’t I just sell it on my own and save a ton of money? These are all things that we get asked everyday. One great fact from the NAR (National Association of Realtors) says that, “According to the NAR 2013 profile of home buyers and sellers, the average FSBO(for sale by owner) sales price was $174,900, while the average price for a home represented by an agent was $215,000, a difference of $40,100. That is a difference of almost 20%. So, what we’re saying is that you could’ve covered your agent’s commission, saved the advertising dollars that your realtor will spend instead of you, and have more money in your pocket by using a listing agent. Doesn’t this sound great? More money and less work? I don’t know about you, but this is why we’re giving you home selling advice!
      • One of the biggest things you gain by using a listing agent is MARKETING and how to properly sell your home. Your agent uses the MLS (multiple listing service) this where your listing will be submitted and broadcasted to all of the realtors specific to that board of realtors. Your listing is then broadcasted to the internet(via trulia, zillow.com,realtor.com, and many others). Your listing agent will spend his or her money, not yours to advertise your home. This includes flyers, open houses, for sale signs, social media, newspapers, and magazines.  These are all advertising dollars that you don’t have to pay for upfront. Your agent doesn’t get paid until the home sells, so this is of great benefit to you!
    • Why Pricing your Home to Sell is VERY important.
      • You might be thinking that you’ll list your home and list it much higher than you really expect to get for your home, just because you think you can lower it whenever you want. You are correct, you can definitely lower the price of your home whenever you want, but this isn’t a good strategy and here’s why. Once you list a home and it hits the market, that is the greatest exposure for the sale of your home. The first 30 days will be the most important days in attracting buyers and quite possibly selling your home. Potential buyers and agents will assume that you’re not serious about selling your home and that your willingness to negotiate and cooperate just isn’t there.
    • Small changes can really help showcase and SELL YOUR HOME!
      • Improve your CURB APPEAL!
        • Have you ever pulled up to that home and just thought, wow I really don’t like it, lets just leave. Could it have been the patch of dead grass, trash piled up in the trashcans, cigarette buds on the front patio, or maybe the fading paint and dirty windows? These things might seem like very small factors in selling your home, but these small changes could very well be the key factors in getting your home sold. Have you ever been told that the first impression is important and that you should dress well for your first interview? Yes, we all have and it certainly plays a factor in selling your home. So, you really want to think, how can I improve my home’s curb appeal? We would be more than happy to give you some tips on curb appeal, but we could write a whole article on just that. So, we’ll link you to our article on how to improve your home’s curb appeal ad move onto the next tip on how to get your home sold. 
      • Clean your bathrooms!
        • Cleaning your bathrooms can really help showcase your home and make it very appealing to a potential buyer. Clean windows, yes that means you need to clean your toothpaste and water spatters off the mirror. Clean up the floor, shower glass doors, bathroom counter tops, empty the trash(no one wants to see those empty toilet paper rolls and dirty tissues in your bathroom). Another great tip is to put out your best towels and mats! These small things can really change the view someone has on your home and yes, the bathroom matters. So, go find that pressure washer that you use to wash your car and clean up those windows, driveways, and anything else that you think might help!
      • Clean your kitchen!
        • Declutter your kitchen and kitchen counters! You might not think to clean off the left over raisin bran and toaster strudel crumbs, but these small details really make a difference. Would you want to walk into a home and see boxes of food and pans all over the counter? No, you certainly wouldn’t. What you have to realize is a potential buyer wants to envision themselves living in this home. In order for a potential buyer to do this, you need to have your whole home, including your kitchen presentable and clean.
      • Lighting is key!
        • One great thing to do is, open your windows, good lighting will really help show off your home! If you have a buyer looking through your home in the dark, they really don’t get a proper viewing experience this way. So, that also means if you have a late night showing, make sure to turn on all the lights for your potential buyer. The agent showing the home should do this, but don’t rely on them to do what you could! Don’t make these small mistakes!
      • Upgrade upgrade upgrade!
        • Update the interior and exterior! Do you have some knicks in the wall or some areas that could use work? You need to update your home for the current market. If the current market you’re in has a shortage of inventory and you’re in a very desirable area, that might not matter as much. But, if you’re competing with several new home developments in the area, you might want to consider making some necessary changes. This could be anywhere from putting in new faucets to upgrading your kitchen and bathroom. An upgraded kitchen and master bathroom can really sell a home!
      • Fix small issues
        • So, you walked into that gorgeous master bathroom and you have 3 dead lightbulbs and a leaky faucet? Might not sound like much, but how upset would you be if these small details affected your sale? Yes, pretty upset I would imagine. Do everyone a favor and go through your home and check all of your lightbulbs and faucets. You’ll be happy you did!
      • Declutter your home!
        • Put away that unused/unwanted furniture and put things away! Do you have a spacious walk in closet that now looks like a hallway coat closet due to your wife’s expanding wardrobe? That’s what we thought. Make sure to make room and clean up your closets! You want the people viewing your home to see how much space there is, regardless of how much space there actually is.
      • Remove pets and pet odors for showings! 
        • You know whats worse than not selling your home in a timely manner? Not selling your home in a reasonable amount of time because of your PETS! Yes, pets are definitely an issue. If someone walks into your home and it smells like you haven’t emptied that kitty litter or maybe your dog rusty left a little present in the pantry, you have a problem. Also, if you plan on having a showing, take your pets with you or make sure that they aren’t bothering the people viewing your home. We’ve had numerous showings where buyers were scared of the owners pets and didn’t even want to view the rest of the home! Don’t let your pets keep you from selling your home.
      • Leave your home for a showing if you have time.
        • What you really don’t want to happen is the buyer feels like they are rushed or nervous when the seller is there. They don’t often take the time to really look over everything. One thing we have also noticed from experience is that buyers always make comments about the home, whether its good or bad, and when it’s bad and the seller of the home hears it.. Things don’t generally end well for either party. So, do everyone a favor and take the time to let the potential buyer view your home without someone breathing down their neck.
      • Be flexible with your showing schedule!
        • One of the worst things you can do as a seller is have a ton of scheduling restrictions. The home can only be viewed on the weekends from 12-5pm, or only Monday through Friday from 9-5pm. If you really want to sell your home, you have to be open to showing your home almost anytime. You have to realize that not everyone has the same work schedule and most people work during the weeks, so sometimes the only available time is the weekend(some sellers restrict showings on weekends, which we certainly do not recommend).
    Hopefully this helps you prepare your home for a quick sale! Let us share our experience with you and list your home. We have a long list of buyers looking for the perfect property which could be your home!
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